Sleep Apnea and CPAP Therapy

You'll be happy to know sleep apnea is treatable

The gold standard for treatment of sleep apnea is continuous, positive, airway pressure, (CPAP for short) which includes using a bedside device, to deliver pressurized air through a small mask system. This pressurized air works at a stent to keep the airway open preventing collapse or obstruction.

CPAP is effective

Regular use of CPAP therapy can dramatically improve the quality of your health and your rest, but it doesn't always happen over night. In fact, it will more than likely require some trial and error at first. We'll be there each step of the way, guiding you through a phased approach to better sleep.

This is why our website is different from any other on-line CPAP supplier. We service and stand behind our products, and you become our patient — not just a customer. Welcome to CPAP care as it should be.

At the CPAP Store & SleepEasy Therapeutics our business model is uniquely different from others, in that we focus solely on sleep therapy. Our specific care plans and intensive follow-up have been shown to increase hours of nightly use of CPAP by 40% and with successful treatment comes cost effectiveness. Studies have shown patient - physician costs can decrease by 1/3 and the length of hospital stays drop by 50% in patients adhering to CPAP therapy.

Let us help you put the GOOD back in your morning, night, and all of the activities in-between.