Our experts answer some frequently asked questions.

If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact us at service@sleepeasyrx.com or toll free 1-866-921-CPAP (2727). 

Q: Can I just order a CPAP or how do I get started?
A: You must have a prescription to use CPAP. You or your healthcare provider can call or fax in the order. Our phone number is 866-921-CPAP (2727) and our fax number is 701-356-5798.  We will also need your name, address, date of birth, phone number, insurance information, and a copy of your sleep study.  We will take care of contacting your insurance company, however we cannot be held responsible for coverage details, therefore we highly recommend that you also contact your insurance company for coverage details.

Q: I've just started my therapy and I don't feel any better. Is it working?
A: Your body needs time to adjust to the benefits provided by CPAP therapy. You should never alter or discontinue any therapy without first seeking the advice of your healthcare provider. If you continue to experience little or no relief from your symptoms, make an appointment to discuss your concerns with your healthcare provider, or call us. Based upon your concerns, your provider may choose to adjust your therapy or may schedule you for further evaluation.

Q: I'm feeling much better. Do I really need to continue my therapy?
A: Yes.  Don't be tempted to stop the CPAP therapy that your healthcare provider has prescribed for you. The fact that you are feeling better means that your therapy is doing its job. Your body is beginning to respond positively to the treatment prescribed.

Q: I can't get this thing to work?
Do not give up on your CPAP therapy due to frustration with the CPAP system or mask. Some equipment may appear to be complex but help is always nearby-so take advantage of it. We're here to help and can often solve the problem over the phone. 

Q: So am I on my own after I use it a while?
A: No.  A CPAP Store clinician will contact you regularly to follow your progress with CPAP therapy. You will be asked for your “Smart Card” or similar downloading mechanism, and those reports will be shared with your healthcare provider.

Q: Is it hard to sleep with CPAP?
A: CPAP takes some getting used to. That's why it is so important that you receive the best care possible, from the beginning. Poor fitting masks, nasal dryness and poor follow-up care are common reasons for people to discontinue use of their CPAP. At the CPAP Store & SleepEasy Therapeutics, we address these problems so you can overcome your sleep apnea, lead a healthier life and experience a better quality of life.