Success Stories

"...actually the whole experience has been overwhelmingly exceptional to the extent that I wish your bosses could enlighten the entire medical conglomerate, at large, on how medical facilities "SHOULD" be ran."

David L
Fargo, ND

"I want to say 'thank you' for the wonderful service. I work in the service industry and I know how difficult it can be to maintain courtesy, professionalism, and accuracy when dealing with customers.Your service has been wonderful, and I appreciate it very much. My questions are always answered, my supplies are always received on time, and even the young man who did my sleep study was just wonderful."


"The battery SAD light is wonderful, easy to use, small and can be used wherever you sit, no cord needed. Much better compliance than with the huge light box I used before."


"It has been a very interesting and very helpful experience. The staff has been wonderful to help with all the adjustments. I certainly have a lot more energy after a good night's sleep."


"The staff is very helpful, warm and friendly, while remaining professional."


"I am happy with my CPAP. I sleep so well now I even dream again. I used to wake up with a headache every morning, but not anymore."

Mora, MN

"Prior to starting therapy, I felt wiped out as soon as 10-11 a.m.—despite having had eight hours of sleep. I spent the rest of my day trying to survive until I could get a nap. Meetings were torture; I fought to stay awake."

"Now, my day flies by because I'm awake, alert and enjoying it rather than just counting down the minutes until I can sleep. My wife has also benefited—no more listening to me "honk and snort" all night. She is getting better rest, too."

Fargo, ND

"For years, I thought I was allergic to everything because I woke up to morning headaches and stuffiness. Not anymore—thanks to the CPAP machine. My thinking and concentration are much clearer and focused now due to restful sleep."

Princeton, MN

"My wife and I both sleep so much better since I got my CPAP machine. She doesn't lay awake with my snoring or worrying about my apnea spells. I sleep so much deeper, awakening more rested and energized. Amazing!"

Fargo, ND

"There is nothing like waking up feeling rested."

Isle, MN

"You have been good to me...answered my questions and are very prompt with requests. I couldn't ask for better service."

Patient from
Montgomery, MN