Hose Buddy Hose Holder
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The Hose Buddy tubing holder gives you positive air, without tugs or tangles! The Hose Buddy tubing holder can keep your CPAP tubing up and out of your way. Don't let sleep therapy leave you sleepless! Perfect to keep your tubing out of the reach of pets that like to chew. Features a hook at the top to hang your mask up- decreasing drying time. Bottom base fits snuggly under mattress to stay in place.  

Hose Buddy 59.99
Travel Hose Buddy 34.95
Combo pack (one of each) 79.95

CPAP Hose Buddy: Fully adjustable, with swing arm. Insert stand under mattress. Attach hose to holder. Adjust height. Hang mask on hook when not in use.

The Hose Buddy can be used with oxygen units also.

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Hose Buddy hose holder

Hose Buddy hose holder